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Your Security

Your security is very important to us. When you access online banking, Bradesco Bank employs multiple sophisticated security methods. Personal information you send to the Bank, such as your user ID and Password, are conducted in a secure (encrypted) environment to protect your privacy. This encrypted technology secretly encodes information that is sent over the Internet between your computer and the Bank to help ensure that the information remains confidential. After you’ve submitted your information online, we recommend that you end your browser session before leaving your computer. This precaution is intended to deter anyone other than yourself and the Bank from accessing your information.

Information sent by regular e-mail is at risk of loss of confidentiality if the information is transmitted over the Internet. We do not recommend sending confidential information such as account numbers or Social Security numbers by e-mail and we will never solicit you to do so.

How you protect your personal information

While anyone can become a victim of fraud or identity theft, many ways exist to mitigate your risk. Here are some basic security tips to help you secure your personal information.

Keep your privacy

When you handle your pre-printed checks or financial documents, do not write your personal information (e.g. driver’s license, Social Security, or ATM Passwords) on it to protect your privacy. Also never give your personal information on the Internet, on the phone, or through the mail without first making sure who you are dealing with or if you have initiated the contact. Avoid using easily available information (e.g. birthday, social security number, or phone number) when you select your password for Internet or PIN (for ATM transactions). Shred all unnecessary or unwanted financial statements which include your personal information.

Safeguard accounts

Store your new and cancelled checks in a secure place. Check your bank statements and monitor card or account transactions regularly via online or regular bank statements. If you detect any suspicious activities in your account or card, report the incident immediately.

Protect your mail

If you notice a disruption with your mail such as bank statement or credit card payment bills, this may be a sign that your mail is being intercepted. Contact us and all your financial institutions or credit card company. For ordinary mail care, try to use a secure mailbox and avoid leaving outgoing mail in an unsecured mailbox. Ensure prompt collection of incoming mail.

Protect your passwords

We recommend that you create a password that utilizes both upper-and lower-case alphanumeric characters for purposes of security. Because your password can be used to obtain information and access money in your accounts, you should treat your password with the same degree of care and secrecy that you use to protect your PIN and other sensitive personal financial data. You must not to give your password, or make it available, to any person not authorized to access your accounts.

Identity theft

Identity theft is a serious and growing problem. Defend yourself as soon as you suspect a problem. If someone has fraudulently used your identification, or you find any suspicious activities in your Bradesco Bank account, report the incident as quickly as possible to us. In addition, if someone has tried to establish credit with your information, you should report the case promptly to the credit and ask that a fraud report be placed on your file. You may also check to see if any additional credit accounts have been opened without your consent or whether unauthorized charges were billed to your accounts. Contact the credit bureaus to obtain a copy of your credit report. There is no foolproof plan to protect yourself against identity theft but if you follow the security tips we provided you can reduce the risk of becoming a victim. Always keep in mind to deter, detect and defend against Identity theft, and if you find any suspicious activities on your account, or if your ATM card is lost or stolen, please contact us immediately.



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